1. Here goes it for those that missed the opportunity to see it and perhaps also go get the song itself.

    "Poisoned Love" current single out NOW!!! by: "HunnyB"

    The song is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

    Right here at: www.nhdmusiq.com / www.hunnybentertainment.com

    Thank you for supporting your girl HunnyB. Please feel free to share it across your circle

    Love you all

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  2. "Poisoned Love" new music video for the current single by: HunnyB

    OUT NOW!!!!




    Feel free to share it with your friends, family etc

    Many Thanks for supporting your girl “HunnyB”

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  3. Hello and good Monday beautiful people

    Just wanted to stop by and share with you all again incase you missed it “HunnyB’s” new official music video to her current single - Poisoned Love”

    The single is also available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!
    Get it at: www.nhdmusiq.com / www.hunnybentertainment.com

    Please feel free to share with families, friends, colleges etc.

    Many Thanks for your love and support.

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  5. Good Evening Ladies and Gents

    Have you had a chance to view the latest sing by: HunnyB - “Poisoned Love”

    If not then look no further as it is right here. Be sure to pass on the message and let someone else also have the chance if they missed it.

    Thanking you a whole lot.


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    Getting right let’s do it.

  7. Poisoned Love - Official music video OUT NOW!!!

    Go check it out. Let me know how you guys feel about it.

    Look forward to hear from you

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards

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